Though I am late, but still I don’t want to miss writing on this topic.

Thanks Daily Prompt for having given me a reasonably good heading for thoughts to write something like this were on my mind ever since the day I wore ‘Her Saree’.

It was the sixth day of the first month of this new year..It was my ‘Convocation’. A day big enough to be celebrated in every student’s life..So was it for me. Amidst the other things, I was too excited and concious about what was I going to wear? After a good hustle bustle and having cluttered everything in my room, I saw my Mum standing at the door with some three hangers in her hand. She asked me to cool down, be calm and relax. Then, he handed over those three hangers to me and asked me to choose from them. Amongst those, was the one she wore in her farewell and the one that was ‘her favourite silk saree’. All my doubts vanished and my mind as clear as a crystal. I was sure enough that I was wearing that. No attire could be better than your Mum’s saree for your Convocation Day.. It gave me a feeling of joy, contentment and pride. I felt ‘Lucky’… 🙂

And the day I wore it, I could feel Mumma’s presence around walking along with me to the dais to collect my degree and certificates. Though she was not accompanying me but she was around. That was a feeling incomparable. Moreover, I was being complemented hugely for that rare piece of saree which is now a days nearly impossible to find. I was honoured for having got a chance to be able to wear that. There could be no better ”Hands-Me-Down” article than this, at least for me. 🙂

Thanks a lot Mummaa..Love you loads… ❤

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