Reply to my Younger Soul..!!

This is something that my sissy wrote for me a few days back after I waved her bye and planted a kiss on her cheeks before her going to the hostel – Jagu Meri Jaan 20140827_215248

It touched my heart deep down and yes, it indeed made me feel special, important, valued, treasured and what not. This is one of those small gestures that leave imprints forever and impact you greatly..!! Thanks a ton Sweetie.. ❤ ❤

 – Reply to the most unexpected yet amazing letter – 

– Reply to the most adorable and lovable sister – 


Dear Sweetie, Sweetu, Jagsee, ***II, Hulchul, MPS, etc etc

Or The World’s Best Sister

Jaada khush mat hona (Don’t get too excited)


The salutation (in the wallpaper) itself took my heart away…This way of yours to keep people in doubt and pondering over if it is for them and make the one for whom it is understand that it is for her is just as weird and amazing as you are.

“The one who plays the dual role and perfectly befits both the roles in a manner that no one else can occupy that place in my life..” The master line of this write-up that assured me that “That_One_Very_Special_Person” referred to here is ‘Me’. And, I am glad that others are still in confusion… “Naughty You”.

  • Yes, you made me feel all the more special and you are even more.
  • Yes, I’ve seen cross you through the thick and thin of life.
  • Yes, I’ve seen all your shades.
  • Yes, I am your strength and will always be.
  • Yes, you can predict me and so can I.
  • Yes, you can call me “Yours” and I know you are “Mine”.
  • Yes, I know you can write millions of words for me and so can I.
  • Yes, “You are the only one..” of your kind..’The Irreplaceable You.’
  • Yes, I get angry and I am easily convincible…just for you.
  • Yes, I am Inseparable part of your thoughts…Yes, we are inseparable parts of each other’s thoughts.
  • Yes, I know you love me. And You know that I love you even mmmmmoooooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeee…. ❤

After your listing soooo many things here, I’ve some more to add –

  • Yes, we talk for hours, almost all night long and are like the best of friends who have met after ages and have hell lot of things to pour onto each other.
  • Yes, you are younger to me but still there are points I seek your opinion on (or should I say Advice..??)
  • Yes, we go on drives together…you are fond of driving and since you have attained the legal age to drive, I have no argument left to stop you from driving and so I become the pillion. It is both good and bad.
  • Yes, we share all our belongings…. Be it wardrobe, accessories, clothes (some of them), footwear, earphones, gadgets, etc. etc.
  • Yes, we share our daily happenings… and keep the other updated about what’s going on in Life. There were times when I was away and now the tables have turned and you are far but this ritual of sharing would never come to end.
  • Yes, we use slangs and abuse each other. You do it more often.
  • Yes, we have our own set of ‘technical coding language’ which none other than we siblings understand viz. IDKIDCGTH, 143232, *O**, what a coincidence, I too love Me, Don’t Miss me much, etc. etc. etc. These are something I miss more than I miss you.
  • Yes, we have a common Music Playlist.I don’t mind admitting that yes, you have a great choice and collection of songs.
  • Yes, I am well aware of your typical selection of the food items you eat and you well know the dialogues that come from my end when you throw tantrums regarding eatables.
  • Yes, I’ve seen you cross through the high & the low. I’ve seen all the versions of ‘You’.To list a few –
    • The Naughty yet Sincere You.
    • The Chatter Box yet Silent You.
    • The Intelligent yet Stupid You.
    • The Sane yet Crazy You.
    • The Friendly yet Reserved You.
    • The Caring yet Carefree You.

This list is endless but still I think I should apply brakes now. This sufficiently describes the ‘Real You’. It includes both faces of yours – the one you show to the world and the one you show to the people who constitute your world.

There’s a lot more to say and write but then you’ll say ‘Kitna likhti hai !!’ (How can you write so much..?), so I am preserving it for the next time…Lolzz.

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Blessed.


With Loads of Love & Luck,

Didu, EG, JiJi, and all the adjectives (or slangs) you use for me.


P.S. Yes, I’ve written to and for my sister in the past also but never made it public. This time it was Shruti who asked me to do so and moreover she gave a wonderful idea to reply to my sissy’s post… A Million Ton Thanks to you A Shade of Pen.

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