The Adorable Aroma

Travelling for most is always fascinating and delightful. For me, it indeed is. And travelling without a camera is a sin, more so with photo freak like me who is fond of both clicking and getting clicked. Some of the memories of a recent trip to Gangtok and Darjeeling and the moments captured therefrom have been a great help to ‘Inspire a Fragrance’ here. 

Beginning with the beginning of our trip from Gangtok, a heavenly place. A city situated amidst the beautifully magnificent steep sloped mountains, surrounded with the tough-rooted wide-spread greenery, the pleasant and fresh air to breathe in, a serene and placid environment.


Some pictures of the beautiful, eye-catching and breath-taking flowers in and around the valley which can attract anyone out there are displayed below. The fragrance of which is enough to hold back everyone and keep them spell-bound. The sweet and the pungent aroma of these flowers is very pleasant to ones senses and have the power to instantly bring a smile to your face and leave you in a jolly mood.










The majestic and the cascading waterfalls and the sound of the fall seems like a soothing and peaceful music. It is a pleasure to listen to that music and be able to connect yourself to nature.The odour of the misty air mixed with the coolness of the chilled water is something not beyond expression. 


Moving ahead the next destination is Darjeeling, located at a height of some 6700 ft and famous for tea gardens, tea estates, tea plantations, etc. So, quite obviously the first thing we did after reaching there was to visit the tea-gardens. The aroma starts lingering long before the gardens are in view and persists even after the gardens are out of sight. So, this is quite clear and understandable that how strong the fragrance is at the actual location. The majestic beauty displayed by these splendid tea gardens is flamboyant and worth looking at.  A glimpse of which is there below-

IMG_20140619_112832523“The TEA GARDENS of DARJEELING”IMG_20140619_112851789The reminiscences and the fragrances of the mountains, trees, clouds, waterfalls, flowers and the tea garden is as fresh as ever. Thanks to Godrej Aer, it gave me a chance to re-live those moments again  and helped me experience the scent of the nature sitting in my living-room. I so wish that the fragrance bestowed by mother Earth could be spread all over the world. I don’t always have to travel down the memory lane to be able to experience that again. It will be great if this aroma could be innovated and brought down to every area irrespective of the climate and habitat. If any of these description ends up being an ‘aroma available to all’, my job is done. 


P.S. – This post is a part of #Inspire a Fragrance contest held by IndiBlogger in association with Godrej Aer. For further details, please visit .

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