The Beautiful “BLACK”

BLACK is black because of the reason that it absorbs all the colours emitted by light and reflects none. Similarly arriving at the significance of ‘Black’, I take it as absorbing all the negative energies around us and thereby creating a block for the positive vibes.

Coming to the point, I mention here the ‘5 Black Items’ on my Wish List that would make my life a little more ‘Beautiful’.

1. BLACKBOARD – Yes, the first on the list is a blackboard. This is not just to stay but a very honest and sincere wish. The board might be black but it brings light to the lives of the people in front of it. I would consider myself lucky enough if I could help spread that light. I so wish that every human on this earth should atleast be capable of reading and writing. This is not just a right but a pleasure to be able to do so. 


2. A Little Black Dress – This would be an item on every girl’s wishlist, probably. Which girl would not want to have that in her wardrobe? As a kid, I was fond of those frilly frocks and now this.


Awww…It is so very amazing, beautiful, classy and voguish. I wish I look the same in this. 🙂

3. Black Stilettos – As the rule goes “Matching-Matching”, the next on my wishlist is the black stilettos to match the beautiful L.B.D. above.


4. I-Pad – And since I am submitting my post for a contest wherein 10 best posts will be entitled to an I- Pad, the next wish becomes obvious. Though this isn’t a motivating factor behind writing this, but yes who doesn’t like to win and be appreciated. 


5. A bunch of Black Roses – Last but not the least, black roses. One might think ‘A black rose..??’ and attach some negative thoughts with it. People often associate black with ‘End’ but for me every end is a ‘new beginning’. Where there is death, there must be life. I would give a black rose each to finish off the small quarrels, opinion differences or clashes I’ve had with and initiate for a new beginning for a better tomorrow and a better life. ‘The Better side of Beautiful Black’. 













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