#Friends# The #Family# We Choose…!!!

Friends truly are the family we choose for ourselves.

  • They are there when no one else is..!!
  • They know you inside out..!!
  • They don’t mind being seen with you in public doing some silly prank or childish acts..!!
  • They are the ones you pose with for random clicks..!!
  • They let us share things which we probably would have uttered it to none..!!
  • They might fight with you but they are the ones who will fight FOR you..!!
  • They have their own ways of caring..!!
  • They understand before we express..!!
  • They tease, they yell, they irritate, they recreate..!!
  • They make you what you are..!!
  •  They are the ones who make our Life worth living.

So this one goes for you guys…Thanks for making me feel “Special”…Thanks for making my Life a journey worth travelling…Thanks for giving me some memories that I will rejoice down the lane…Thanks for being there…Thanks for everything…Love you guysss….!!!

“Friends Forever”

Picture Courtesy – Google, the creative mind who made it  and the friend who sent it to me..!!

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