LOVE – what is it…?? 

  • Is it a thought, a feeling of being cared, loved, valued and our reciprocation of the same…??
  • Is it being concerned about a person more than your own self…Concern, i mean from waking up to sleep, from breakfast to dinner, from minor headaches to major heartaches..??
  • Is it the desire to know the person, in and out, from his/her choices to ignorances, from his/her likes to dislikes, from his/her small wishes to the biggest of his/her dreams…??
  • Is that one prayer you make for his/her well being…?? Is that one wish you have to fulfill all his/her wishes..??
  • Is it that change that comes in you as a response to his/her thoughts or opinion about you..?? Is it that you are ready to accept all the pain from him/her..?? 
  • Is it the “feelings” that keep you waiting to talk to or chat with him/her..that keeps you awake the whole night after a tiring day that you had and before a hectic day you are going to have, you dont feel the need to take rest..having a talk does that fot you..it relaxes you, eases you, takes away your stress..Is it such a wonderful Feeling..???
  • Is it that when you are talking time flies away..and when you wait the clock’s hand are struck as if they have stopped moving..?? 
  • Is it that the entire world’s convincing fails in front of him/her…and his/her just saying is enough for you to listen to follow his/her orders, which though is just said and not even forced..??
  • Is it those sacrifices you make even for the smallest bit of his/her happiness..??
  • Is it those adjustments and compromises you do with one another..for each other’s sake…??
  • Is it a feeling that your dreams seem a miniature to you in front of his/hers..??
  • Is it that your priority list starts starting from his/her name..??
  • Is it that you want to live each and every moment together…and share the talks of times not spent with each other..??
FEELINGS – Are they Developed and Destroyed..???
a) How do they develop..?? Can someone artificially create it or develop it in you or its your own self who does that..?? Is it just because someone makes you feel important and you fall for them..or gradually you start liking one for no reason…or for that matter do we get so habitual or addicted (Mujhe to teri Lat lag gyi kinds) to a person that we think we cannot live without him/her..!! 
b) How are they destroyed…?? Is it just because that special someone who once made you feel important now ignores you..?? Or is it that some newer people come into our life and become so important that you knowingly or unknowingly start ignoring the old ones, the ones you once treasured and valued and lived for..?? 
Can FEELINGS really be developed and destroyed..or it comes out naturally…that initially you like talking to someone, you fall for him/her and gradually you get bored and realize he/she is not your kinds/types. Is it that immature a thing to be felt or made to feel..?? Is it so easy to make someone feel that you are his/her everything…and all of a sudden they don’t even exist for you..?? 
For all these unanswered questions I have just one thing to say, in my opinion “EITHER IT NEVER WAS OR IT WILL ALWAYS BE”……….”NEVER” OR “FOREVER”.

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