Heart vs Mind

“OBFUSCATION – Heart vs Mind”


Confusion between my mind and heart,
The battle long ago which start.
Whom to listen is the delimma I face..?
Both want to win this stupid race..
Whosoever wins…I will loose…
Loose to none but my own views..
Mind favours what is right..
All that my heart takes light…
When my mind says something’s wrong,
My heart pushes me Go ON…!!

Finally I chose a path….
Din’t know but it did break my heart.
Everything same but nothing left,
Many differences came up and crept.
Is it..the time that flew away…???
Or something else that came our way..??

Again confused between mind and heart..
Why God gave two..when only one could act..?? 

Finally mind overtook my heart,
It hurts, because the feelings never depart.
It kills me hard inside..
when i think about what I had to decide.
Nothing can I do now..no go back from here,
All I can do is to shed all my tear.
This is the only way my pain can flow.
Without you my life becomes hollow.
Was happy when we were together,
No worries…nothing to bother…
Loved the way we used to talk..chitter chatter,
Your arms were the coziest place that gave me shelter.
When all I had lost..needed it the most..
Don’t have those arms, patient ear, and lovely care,
Left alone…no feel…none to share…

But yes, one good thing it taught,
Resolved the battle that daily I’d faught.
I found an answer to my own question,
Not to the heart..but to mind we should listen.
I don’t say that it’s always right…
but surely helps in difficult times.
Mind’s practical…so it adjusts..
Difficult to rebuilt when the heart fails.
Be sure about your heart..don’t let all hack,
Coz when they leave it suffers a lasting crack.
So, its better to let your heart be a fool…
And for better…Let your Mind Rule…!!!
Or say, if you follow your Heart…
Bring your Mind behind that…!!!
So that they work together in sync,
And never allow this battle to come into being..!!!


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